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Embracing the Warmth and Comfort of New Zealand's Fabled Flocks.


At our heart, we’re a family with a deep-rooted passion for New Zealand’s magnificent sheep breeds and their sumptuously soft sheepskins. Each sheep is more than a number to us; they are part of the Kiwi heritage, an embodiment of New Zealand’s pastoral elegance, from which our love blossoms. Their fluffy wool serves as a cosy embrace, reminding us of the symbiosis we share with nature. We transform this natural bounty into products of comfort and charm, creating sheepskin stools, pelts, and cushions that echo the spirit of the land they come from.



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Don’t wait for the sheep to come home – bring them home yourself! With our plush and stylish sheepskin stools, pelts, and cushions, you can bask in the lap of New Zealand’s pastoral luxury right in your living room. Each of our products is an echo of the Kiwi countryside, crafted with love and dedication to offer you the ultimate comfort experience. Click to find your perfect sheepskin accessory today!

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